dawn of the devs

Dawn of the Devs is an indie game that sees three familiar looking developers teaming up in order to face down hordes of monsters.

dawn of the devs
Underdog Studios, the team behind Dawn of the Devs, is currently seeking $65,000 on Kickstarter. The game sees parody versions of Hideo Kojima, Cliffy B, and Tim Schafer, aptly named Hiro Komiya, Biff Klozinski and Tom Schiffer taking on the Chief Evil Overlord (CEO) who wants to destroy everything gaming related (so you can probably guess that he is a really evil guy). The game seems to be filled to the brim with tongue-in-cheek humor, with each dev having certain unique abilities, that fits in quite nicely with the type of games they tend to develop, for instance, Hiro Komiya can hide in a cardboard box and sneak past monsters. Currently, the game is aiming for a PC release, with stretch goals for console versions and new developers such as Milo Deveraux (Peter Molyneux), Nick Gable (Gabe Newell) and Shiro Miyata (Shigeru Miyamoto)
The game actually looks really good and sounds like a fun time filled with boatloads of humor and gaming references.

Below is a trailer for the game showing of the three devs and their abilities.

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