Heroes Dungeon

The much-anticipated 3D mobile action RPG Heroes of the Dungeon (HoD) is now available worldwide on both iOS and Android. It is currently being featured by the App Store in more than 88 countries. This free-to- download mobile title features the largest roster of playable characters for a mobile action RPG (20 in total), and offers a total of 8 competitive game modes along with 150 stages in story campaign mode.

Heroes Dungeon
With more than 50k pre-registration users, HoD aims to provide a hero-centric hack ’n slash gameplay for players seeking old school style in their dungeon crawling experience on mobile devices. All pre-registration bonus redeem codes have been sent out via email, and players will receive the valuable item <Berserker Lance’s Soulstone> that can be used on the game’s main protagonist in-game.
Heroes Dungeon

A Quest for Vengeance

HoD features 150 solo campaign stages based upon the game’s overworld, which takes place on a war-torn continent among four kingdoms: Tytania, Nirvash, Darkwood, and Behrend. The story starts off with the main protagonist, Lance the Berserker, as he sets out on his quest for revenge, and uncovers the great conspiracy behind the Great War between Light and Darkness.

Heroes Dungeon

A Strong Cast of Heroes

As the campaign progresses, players will encounter the large cast of heroes, whether as a friend or foe, in a fully voice-acted adventure. The same cast of heroes are also available for all the competitive game modes. The way to unlock them is by fulfilling certain requirements; reaching a certain level, completing in-games tasks, and time-limited offers. Artistically, each of the hero’s design are eye-appealing, ranging from the Western fantasy style of Berserker, Shadow Archer, and Paladin, to the Eastern fantasy style of Monkey King, Ascetic Monk and Samurai. Each hero is unique to control with greatly varying strengths and weaknesses. The 4 upgradable skill sets all very entertaining to unleash upon your enemies.

Heroes Dungeon

8 Competitive Game Modes

HoD’s gameplay challenge extends far beyond the solo campaign with a total of 8 competitive game modes (6 versus modes and 2 challenge modes). From a more standard fare of 1 on 1 Runestone Battle, 3 on 3 death match PvP, and guild versus guild, to the Forbidden Realm boss challenge and most innovative mode of all; Bridge of Arbitration. The Bridge of Arbitration is a 2 on 2 MOBA fight, where players represent either the blue or red side. The objective is to destroy the opponent’s nexus tower within the time limit, or to score more points than the opponent for a win.

The various modes will exercise every ounce of the player’s ability to control their heroes. Players will need a good understanding of skill composition as well as how to counter their opponent’s tactics. Melee heroes, such as Lance the Berserker and Elliott the Undead King, offer high damage output and good defense. Ranged heroes, such as Cloris the Shadow Archer and Beatrice the Mage, offer crowd control and specialized magic attacks for unique enemies. Tank Heroes, such as Orobas the Minotaur and Benidict the Guardian, offer damage absorption with high HP.

Bridge of Arbitration comes with online leaderboards and every week the top players will be rewarded with in-game items for their achievements. Various rare items will only be available in this mode, hence the Bridge of Arbitration is sure stir up multiplayer mayhem!


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