Heroclix: Wolverine and the X-men

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The moment has finally arrived, Heroclix: Wolverine and the X-men is available at your local store! Various stores in Johannesburg have started to sell as of yesterday, with people posting their pulls on www.geekout.co.za. Wolverine and the X-men Heroclix is an 80 figure set that features 7 Team Bases, with pieces 62-80 only available with specific Team Base Super-Boosters.


This set features all of the X-men that we know and love from the 90’s classic cartoon. Most of the X-men characters are sculpted in their classic costumes. You can expect to get the likes of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Colossus, Wolverine and much more. Team Bases include the X-men Blue Strike Force, X-men Gold Strike Force, The Brotherhood, The Hellfire Club, Excalibur, The New Mutants and Shi’ar Imperial Guard.

These Heroclix will also be introducing the “Pink Powers”, so they are truly unique and have something new to add to the Heroclix gameplay and style. This set features one duo and 5 chase figures. Each Chase is sculpted in accordance to one of the Phoenix five team members. My personal favourite on the chase front is Colossus. He looks commanding and intimidating (could be the Conan like loincloth). Most people seem to be craving for the Cyclops. Each chase will be on a flame-like orange partially transparent dial.

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Unlike the previous Giant Sized Xmen Heroclix, there will be no Collossal piece featured in this set. But what it manages to feature are some really great sculpts! Even the most common pieces are rather stunning. This is definitely bang for your buck. Our local official distributor of Heroclix in South Africa, Skycastle Games, has managed to bring in quite a few boosters for this set but my advice is to grab this as soon as possible. This set will be selling out in an instant and what is left over will most likely be reserved for entry to the current Organised Play Tournament: Fear Itself. These pieces will also be great to use in December’s Avengers vs X-men Organised Play Tournament, so one can see this as being a speculative purchase.

The pricing for Wolverine and the X-men will be starting from as low as R45 for single figure boosters, up to R400 for Team Base Super-Boosters, with the regular 5-figure boosters selling for R200. For more information on where to buy or trade these Heroclix please visit: www.geekout.co.za or www.digitalsushi.co.za

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