HeroClix debuting at rAge 2013

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As everyone will know, this weekend will host the continent’s largest technology and gaming expo, also known as rAge. This event usually sees the introduction of many new products. Keeping up with tradition Sky Castle Games, Digital Sushi and Outer Limits will be launching two new Heroclix sets.

First up we have DC Heroclix Batman Classic TV series

This is a set with 16 figures based on the Adam West Batman TV show that was screened back in the 60s. This show ran on ABC for two years from 1966 to 1968. It also had a film version released in 1966. These HeroClix feature Batman in his 60s glory with most sculpts including text sound effects for added nostalgia. “BAM!”

With 8 common figures and 8 rare figures in the set, that means one gravity feed will definitely contain one complete set! Single boosters will be on sale for the low price of R45! If you lucky you may just get the Dynamic Duo rare piece!

With the new vehicle HeroClix being introduced last year with the Batman 2012 Heroclix, DC Heroclix Batman Classic TV series has something great to offer fans of the show, fans of model cars and Heroclix players. As the Classic Batmobile is now available for purchase, the Batmobile is packaged in a non-blind booster. So even if you are a collector of classic car toys you might want to hitch this ride. It has been designed with the HeroClix vehicle rules and promises to add excitement to the game!

The second offering that will hopefully be on sale is brought to you by Marvel Heroclix

The Thor 2: The Dark World Heroclix pieces are based on characters from the upcoming movie. So expect an Idris Elba looking Heimdalls, a Tom Hiddleston looking Loki and a Chris Hemsworth in my pocket for all the love struck lasses. Thor 2 HeroClix boasts all new dial designs and 14 characters, of which one is a Chase. Chases will be limited to one per Gravity Feed, but one Gravity Feed should give you a complete set. The set includes 8 common figures, 5 rare figures and one chase figure, which happens to be a dominating Thorce… I mean force to be reckoned with. I have seen some pictures of this set and let me just add that the paint finishes on these figures are immaculate and intricate. I just love it when some great metallic paint finish just glistens from my HeroClix whilst maintaining the detail, making the piece authentic value for money!

Each single booster will also be R45, but Thor @ HeroClix also has a Fast Forces Starter and a Mini-Game available for purchase. The starter features 6 pieces with all new dial designs which are exclusive to the Fast Forces starter. The starter pack also includes Two Maps, The HeroClix Rulebook, HeroClix Tokens, the HeroClix Powers and an Abilities Card. Each starter pack will go for the low price of R350. That is a steal for 6 figures and all those added extras that will have you ready to play in no time!

The Mini-Game will also be available. It is ideal for getting people started and playing with ease. The Thor 2 Mini-Game features two HeroClix pieces, dice, bystander tokens, Rule Sheet and a fold up cardboard map. The map is smaller than the standard HeroClix map size, but this really encourages action packed gaming in order to determine the winner amongst the players. Mini-Games will be selling at R180, so if you are looking at trying something new why not grab yourself one of these entry-level Mini-Games or a Starter Set and get the dice rolling.

There will be an abundance of HeroClix activities at rAge 2013. People will be given the opportunity to learn about the game and trade pieces with other players. Life-size HeroClix will be played on Sunday, where individuals Cosplay as specific comic characters. And lastly a tournament will be held in order to determine the National HeroClix Champ for 2013! With lots of people pre-registering on a daily basis you can expect to see some HeroClix action at its best this weekend!

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