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Something really amazing happened today. Often South Africa is dismissed as a third world country that is always trailing behind the forerunners, but today, thanks to Skycastle Games, I received my Arkham Origins Gravity Feed on its official international release date. I believe I may have even opened my boosters before the USA gamers did! This prompt service is amazing. To receive a product on the same day of its international release just proves how popular the board gaming scene has become. Who would have expected to see fan boys and girls from around the world salivating at the chance to open Heroclix? Or am I the only one that salivates for this?

I have been excited about the Arkham Origins Heroclix since it was announced a few months back. Being a 21 figure set, I thought ‘hey, I might as well get a Gravity Feed of 24 figures and hope for the best’. Unfortunately, it would seem as though one Gravity Feed does not contain one of each figure, as the smaller sets tend to do. Of the 14 boosters that I have opened thus far, I have received 4 duplicates, albeit 4 rather awesome duplicates! The best feature of this set is that the majority of characters are villains. You get Batman, Robin, Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon and the rest are all baddies.

Another great thing about a Gravity Feeds is the paint job. Gravity Feeds tend to have figures with better detail and attention to painting than the larger sets. Larger sets equal more pieces, which equals more painting and clearly the painters get rather tired when it comes to a Heroclix full set of 60+ figures! The paint jobs on the Arkham Origins Heroclix are decent, with some figures standing above the rest. I would not say they are as great as the Pacific Rim Heroclix, but what I have pulled thus far has certainly been impressive.

One of my favourite looking pieces has got to be the bulked up Penquin Thug. Visually this piece is awesome, and he also looks as though he has been hitting the gym with Bane! The great thing about the Arkham Origins Heroclix is the fact that most pieces cost a lot less to play, so you can afford to create a truly well-balanced team with a heavy hitter at its centre. Majority of the heavy hitters are considered rare. However, this current duplicate ratio would certainly suggest that you will be receiving a maximum of three rares per Gravity Feed and HC Realms have also confirmed this.

The Arkham Origins dials feature the new “Pink Powers”, as well with majority of the characters, featuring neat little tricks and bonuses which really make them worthwhile to play. Each figure comes in blister shell packaging within the foil. However, a lot of them seem to be loose within the packaging. There is certainly a lot of movement. Fortunately, my stock is undamaged and I surely doubt that any figure would be, even if they move around a little bit.

This is a great Gravity Feed set, especially since the next few months seem to be dominated by Marvel Heroclix merchandise. So why not grab a few of these miniatures while you wait on your Arkham Origins figures to reach our shores?

A big thank you goes to Skycastle Gaming. Be sure to contact them when it comes to anything board game related. They are passionate about gaming and its growth in South Africa!

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