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The Velocity Publishers have been invited by the San Diego Comic Convention to present a panel: The Velocity Anthology – Comic Art of Africa and Australia on Thursday the 18th of July at 6:30pm. All money raised through Pozible will go toward enabling their team to get to the convention to spread the gospel of Velocity.

Haven’t heard of Velocity before?

Their mission is to give our artists and writers a platform where they can let their creativity flow, without worrying about marketing, printing, publishing or distribution. They can sit down, and concentrate on the important stuff, putting their best work on paper while resting assured that they will retain all rights to their stories, and receive full credit for their effort.

They want to have their books act as a portfolio, a show of competence if you like, for each of the artists involved and to show the world the talent which lies within our borders. Borders? Yes, This Graphic Anthology will be the first of its kind, not just crossing state or provincial lines, but they’ll be featuring the best artists Australia, New Zealand and South Africa has to offer!

About Velocity

Moray Rhoda is the South African Publisher of the anthology and Ray Whitcher is one of the administrators of the South African Arts forum, Neville Howard, is based in Australia and manages the publication there.

Moray is a designer and part-time lecturer in Cape Town, and is a member of the TDT comic group as well as being co-founder of Velocity Anthology with Neville Howard. Ray is a scholar of comic adaptation theory (with research outputs published in The Arts in Media journal) and as a team we are extremely passionate and dedicated to our cause.

The invite from SDCC is humbling, and a MASSIVE achievement for them – It will be a first collaborative presentation of it’s kind at SDCC. They do have a slight problem though… They only received notification of their acceptance to the panels recently and have had no chance to organise funding to get to San Diego, hence doing this crowd-funding initiative.

They’ll be taking the Anthology with them and will be showing it to the big boys like Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse as well as network with publishers we love such as IDW, Dynamite Entertainment and UK’s Com-X. They hope to expose South African, Australian and New Zealand comic artists as extensively as possible. They will use every cent that they raise to get there, even if they don’t make the target, so any donation big or small would be massively beneficial!

The Impact

Their panel will do wonders to open the door to many previously underexposed Australian, New Zealand and South African artists and writers and show the world what we’re made of.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t afford to help them financially, please feel free to spread this campaign around as much as possible, especially if you know of any corporates or potential sponsors that’d be keen to help! And just for reading this far, here is a HUNDRED PAGE preview of their books to show the quality of work they invest in.

The costs covered in this campaign will probably cover half the expenses, so please help, even if they achieve their target!

Donate here: Pozible

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