hello kitty is not a cat

Hello Kitty is Not A Cat

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With Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday festivities in Los Angeles on the way, Sanrio has announced (or set the record straight) that Hello Kitty is not actually a Japanese cat, but rather a British third grader named Kitty White. Say what?


When is a cat not a cat? Sanrio recently pointed out the truth. “She’s never depicted on all fours” and she “walks and sits like a two-legged creature”. Hello Kitty even has a pet cat of her own called “Charmmy Kitty”. Wow, everything we know about Hello Kitty has been a lie.

“A lot of people don’t know the story and a lot don’t care. But it’s interesting because Hello Kitty emerged in the 1970s, when the Japanese and Japanese women were into Britain. They loved the idea of Britain. It represented the quintessential idealized childhood, almost like a white picket fence. So the biography was created exactly for the tastes of that time,” Yano the cartoon’s creator explains.

Josh Groban recently tweeted: “Hello Kitty is a cat. She has whiskers and a cat nose. Girls don’t look like that. Stop this nonsense.”

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