Kevin Smith's Harley Quinn Wants To Play Harley Quinn In That New Harley Quinn Movie

In a new interview with, Yoga Hosers star Harley Quinn Smith expressed her interest in playing Harley Quinn in Warner’s upcoming Gotham City Sirens project. That’s right Harley Quinn wants to play Harley Quinn in that new Harley Quinn movie!

Kevin Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn Smith really wants to play her namesake:

“Before they even mentioned that she was going to make a spinoff, I talked to my agent and I was like honestly, I know this isn’t even a project yet, but I just want you to know that when the day comes that they do start putting this into production I need you to make sure, if there is a young Harley Quinn role, that no one other than Harley Quinn plays that role. (My agent) was like, ‘Okay…”

“I don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

Harley Quinn Wants To Play Harley Quinn In That New Harley Quinn Movie

Smith, whose film credits include the critically panned Yoga Hosers and Tusk, made her first appearance on the CW’s Supergirl last week as a random civilian, Izzy Williams.

“Honestly, any villain would be fun. I like to play characters that are most opposite from me, I think it’s more fun that way and any villain in a movie or on The Flash. Joey King just played Magenta I think, on The Flash. Something like that. There’s not too many teenage female villains, but any sort of villainous role would be so awesome.”

What are your thoughts? Does she deserve a shot?

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