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The Harlem Shake is dead!

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Its called the “Grand Supercycle” – when something becomes so popular that everybody gets into it, then becomes unpopular as people start to become aware of its popularity – remember Kony 2012, Gangnam Style and Rick Roll? The most recent example of this is the video trend that sparked early February 2013. It peaked in one week and then died just a week later. The rate at which it rose in popularity is equal to its decline. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s called The Harlem Shake. Here are a few examples:

There are currently thousands of various takes and versions of the Harlem Shake. Companies, bloggers, vloggers and even bands at their live gigs have been quick to upload their own versions of the popular dance. Even when I wanted to make a post about the Harlem Shake, it has already blown up and reached its peak. It is the fastest video trend that YouTube has ever seen, with over 10 versions of it on YouTube most popular video chart today.

Unlike the times before, where news and trends around the world spread so slowly and differed by such a large extent, we find ourselves living in an age where the world has become united through the internet and drawn together at a similar pace. So what does this mean? That we can finally all weep when Gangnam Style comes on the radio? Or does it show that the world can unite through a simple dance, doing the Harlem Shake from wherever we are all around the world?

Heres to the death of The Harlem Shake!

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