Pirates of the Caribbean

Walt Disney’s upcoming Johnny Depp film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, scheduled for release May 26, has apparently been acquired by ransom hackers who are seeking a huge payout from the studio.

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed to ABC employees that ransom hackers are threatening to release an upcoming film if they weren’t paid a large amount of Bitcoins. Although Disney has yet to confirm the film or comment on the situation, it seems the House of Mouse is refusing to pay. The company is working closely with federal investigators to try and track down the threat.

Deadline later learned that the stolen film is actually Jerry Bruckheimer’s fifth in the Pirates franchise, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which is scheduled for release May 26. The hackers are threatening to release the film online (first five minutes of the film and then 20-minute chunks) ahead of its release date next week.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise has earned $3.72 billion in worldwide box office so far. Releasing a ‘pirate’ version of the film ahead of it’s scheduled release date could be a huge loss in financial revenue for Disney.

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  1. There messing with the wrong big company an when they Pirates ( haha) get caught. Disney’s army of lawyers will make them sorry they crossed Disney.
    The true power of the entertainment universe

  2. pirates are messing with pirates….y’all on the same fuc**** side can’t y’all just concentrate on that motherfu***** navy and the bourgeoisie for once, you could kill and steal as a big huge familly

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