Hachette Partworks Launches Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes

avengers Issue 1 (Volume 24)

Avengers Issue 1 (Volume 24)

Hachette Partworks, in conjunction with Marvel Comics, recently launch Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes. A graphic novel collection, like earlier released The Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection, this bi-weekly release focuses on individual characters, their first appearances, and a defining story-arc for them.

spider-man Issue 2 (volume 12)

Spider-man Issue 2 (volume 12)

Mightiest Heroes launched in South Africa on the 30th of June, with issues 1 and 2 now being available. Issues 1 (volume 24) focuses on The Avengers’ first appearance, and the Ultron Unlimited story-arc. Issue 2 (volume 12) is a single-character look at Spider-Man, his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, The Sinister Six, and Happy Birthday.

Marvel's Mightiest Heroes Complete Spine

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Complete Spine

There has been some confusion as to how The Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection and Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes fit together. They don’t. They are separate collections and will require separate subscriptions in order to collect them. Hachette originally launched Mightiest Heroes in January 2013 in the United States, but pulled out after four issues. When the company announced the extension of Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection it was thought the Mightiest issues would be included, but sadly not. Instead the Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection was expanded with an additional 60 issues, consisting of 40 Classic volumes and 20 Modern, but still story-arc focused.

The Ultimate Graphic Novel Complete Spine

The Ultimate Graphic Novel Complete Spine

The pricing for Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes is identical to its older brother. Issue 1 retails for R29.90, issue 2 for R79.90, and all issues afterwards for R109.90. Subscribing through Hatchette Publishing does net you a few extra goodies, which are:

1st delivery – Marvel Takeaway Coffee Mug & Marvel Covers Vintage Print
2nd delivery – Mightiest Heroes tin coasters
3rd delivery – Wolverine wrist watch
4th delivery – Stainless steel bookends

On a personal note I won’t be subscribing to this second series. I’ve hardly touched the first one, and R440 per month isn’t justifiable at the moment. What I will do, however, which will cause problems with my own collective personality is pick out individual issues. For example I’ve purchased 1 and 2 (R109.80 for 2 hard back graphic novels is a steal!) and am already looking forward to issue 16, which is The Uncanny X-Men featuring Days of Future Past. Here’s hoping for issues centred on Scarlet Spider, Venom, Carnage, Deadpool, and Apocalypse.

Issues 1 and 2

Issues 1 and 2

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes can be purchased from your local magazine seller (I went to CNA), or directly through the Jacklin Enterprise’s website (the local Hachette agent).

EDIT: I have just noticed the Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes books do not contain bar codes or ISBN numbers. I only have issues 1 and 2, so I cannot comment on further ones.

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