Hachette Partworks Launches 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection

It looks like Hatchette Partworks is on a graphic novel rampage right now. After the successful release of The Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection and Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes, Hachette Partworks and 2000AD have announced a new fortnightly series, Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection.

This 80-issue (volume) collection will feature hand-picked stories from the series’ 38-year run. The first four issues include America, Mechanismo, The Apocalypse War, and Origins. The series will not only Judge Dredd, but stories featuring The Dark Judges, Psi-Judge Anderson, and more.


Much like the two Marvel collections, each issue of Judge Dread: The Mega Collection will contain cover galleries, concept sketches, and bonus features – such as interviews with writers and artists. As an interesting addition, each book will feature a unique cover black and white cover.

Issues will cost the standard £ 9.99 each, with the first issue at an introductory £1.99. Subscriber gifts with this collection are mostly similar to Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes with the following items:

  • Replica Judge Dredd Badge – free with first delivery
  • Takeaway Mug – free with first delivery
  • Judge Dredd Tin Coasters – free with second delivery
  • Issue 3 – free with second delivery
  • Judge Dredd Metal Bookends – free with fourth delivery

Subscriptions can be upgrade at an additional £1 per issue to include six commission artworks by top Dredd artists.


Since we’re currently overloaded with 180 Marvel graphic novels (a combination of the Ultimate and Mightiest Heroes collections), a 2000AD series will make for a nice change of pace.

The series is currently only available within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, but we’ve contacted the local distributor, Jacklin Enterprises, on a release date for South Africa.

Visit the Judge Dredd: Mega Collection Website here: http://www.judgedreddcollection.com/

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