Gumdrop – Short Film

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A robot’s life story emerges during a casting session. This short film follows a robot doing a screen test. What’s really cool about it is that the filmmakers digitally inserted the robot into clips from old movies, so there are scenes of her dancing with Fred Astaire and Charlie Chaplin.

DIRECTED BY Kerry Conran and Stephen Lawes. WRITTEN BY Kerry Conran. Venti Hristova as GUMDROP. PRODUCED BY Sean Cushing. PRODUCED BY Effie Brown. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Jon Avnet, Rodrigo Garcia, Jake Avnet. CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Marsha Oglesby. MAIN TITLE MUSIC BY Thomas Newman. EDITED BY Ben Williams, Sean Cushing. CONCEPT DESIGNER Iain McCaig. ART DIRECTOR Venti Hristova. MODELERS Joel R. Durham, David Krentz. ANIMATORS Aaron Eaton, Matt Eaton, Venti Hristova. SOUND DESIGN Todd Toon.

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