GTA V-New Screenshots

GTA V: New Screenshots Revealed

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Rockstar has released a few new screenshots for their ongoing project, GTA V. The game suffered many delays during 2012, and further setbacks in 2013, after it was revealed that the game will only be launching on 17th September 2013. The screenshots don’t show much gameplay, but emphasise more scenery, from underwater excursions to intense thunderstorms, and modes of transport in Los Santos. The release of these images is a means for Rockstar to display the type of graphics that can still be achieved on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. A new multiplayer mode has also been added in which players will be able to form a crew/gang of up to 5 players to complete different missions and accumulate experience points. There is still no word on whether the game will be coming to PC, let alone the new PS and Xbox consoles due later this year.

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