GTA 5 Mod Replaces Michael with Niko Bellic

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Se7en Sins’ member and resident poster ‘Raymnd’ is out to prove that console games can be modded. The proof? A mod that replaces GTA V’s Michael with Nico Bellic, the main protagonist from GTA IV, transporting the character into the world of San Andreas. The only downside is that he is missing both hands and feet.

It seems that many of the file-structures are still similar to the way previous GTA games have been setup (i.e., where replacing models was done within the call-file structure so you could replace a car or ped or player character by switching the name with a new file or calling to a file to make the change). Nevertheless, seeing Niko opens up some nice possibilities for mods on the console version of GTA V. Previous GTA games have seen a huge modding community on the PC. However this time around the mods have started on the console versions of the game.


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