Google's April Fool's Day Announcements

Google’s April Fool’s Day Announcements – Updated Pranks

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In recent years Google has gone that extra mile of creating April Fool’s Day pranks, mostly in the form their service offering. Here are a few of those pranks:

YouTube Shuts Down:

The team over at YouTube announced that it would be shutting down their services permanently as of midnight 1st April 2013 after 8 years of sharing videos with the world. The video provides footage of YouTube’s offices, which employs around 30,000 staff who will be sifting through all uploaded video for which a “winner” will be picked. Based on the statistics, it would take around 10 years for the winner to be revealed (in the year 2023), after which time the YouTube services will go back online.

One can only imagine the impact of YouTube really having to shut down; where will people go for their daily cat videos?

Google Treasure Maps:

Shortly after posting their YouTube prank, Google were back at it again with another video upload, this time for Google Maps. The maps services has been overhauled to provide a look and feel resembling that of an old treasure map, much the same way it did with last year’s 8-bit version. Apart from simply transforming the visuals of the maps, Google has provided an informational video in which it provides details as to how to find the hidden treasures.

Gmail Blue:

Google Nose:

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