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Google Unveils New Logo

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A few hours ago, Google unveiled it’s new logo to the world in the form of it’s well-known, Google-Doodle. Having started 14 years ago, the logo has undergone a few changes, although very subtle through each iteration. The change, though, is not only limited to the search domain, but across all it’s products, platforms, apps and device, which will take effect soon. The redesign is meant to reflect the way in which users interact with their products.

Interestingly, Google underwent a major overhaul through restructuring last month, as Google is now owned by Alphabet. This may appear strange at first, but with founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page owning the holding company, it was a means of separating money-generating services such as the search engine, apart from their, currently, non-profit projects such as self-driving cars, Ara, medical research, and internet balloons.

“It doesn’t simply tell you that you’re using Google, but also shows you how Google is working for you. For example, new elements like a colorful Google mic help you identify and interact with Google whether you’re talking, tapping or typing. Meanwhile, we’re bidding adieu to the little blue ‘g’ icon and replacing it with a four-color ‘G’ that matches the logo.”

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