Google Santa Tracker

With Christmas less than 10 days away, Google has launched its Santa Tracker for 2015. This Google website provides an interactive portal for all users to enjoy a few games, fun maps, videos, as well as a few coding challenges and charity objectives. The Santa Village was launched on 1 December as a countdown for Santa’s departure, which starts on the 24th.

Google Santa Tracker-01

Coding challenges include lessons, quizzes, as well as learning the different Xmas traditions and customs from around the world. Google also aims to raise awareness by bringing certain critical issues from around the world in its partnership with NGOs and other charity partners. Google has also launched a mobile app via the Play Store. A few of the games and lessons are still to be unlocked in the coming days, so check back regularly for updates, as well as follow Santa’s journey across the world starting on the 24th December 2015.

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