What is the Google Barge?

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A weeks ago, rumours were pouring in across the Internet in regards to a mysterious barge being built in the Port of San Francisco. Shortly after, it was confirmed that the project was being run by none other than tech giant, Google, but still no further details, which left room for talk on a floating data centre. A few days back, Google finally ended speculation, after staying mum for quite some time, and announced that the barge was in fact theirs, and it was part of a project where the company is “exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.” Although, they further specified that it’s still quite early into the project, and things may actually change in the near future.

The barge will measure 50-feet tall, 250-feet long once completed, fitted with fully functional, collapsible sails “reminiscent of fish fins, which will remind visitors that they are on a seaworthy vessel.” The vessel will also be able to support roughly 1,000 visitors per day, and will be docking at ports in San Francisco, Redwood City Fort mason, and at the Riveter Historical National Park in Richmond.

Here are a few images of the Google Barge in construction:

Google Barge-01 Google Barge-02 Google Barge-03

Google Barge-04 Google Barge-05 Google Barge-06

And this will be the end product:

Google Barge-Finished Product

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