God of War Is Just As Brutal As We Remembered

Sony released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming God of War game, and it’s brutal.

God of War Is Just As Brutal As We Remembered

One of the bigger Sony announcements last year was the new God of War game and, while we only saw a short video, it still impressed many.

The new gameplay trailer shows Kratos and his son and initially starts out as a cinematic trailer. The video then cuts to some gameplay as Kratos shows just what he can do with his new axe and shield. As we expected, as with the previous trailer this one also places a lot of focus on the relationship between Kratos and his son. It ends where Kratos and his son are confronted by the world serpent, which indicates that it would like to help them. What exactly this help means is not clear yet.

The game is scheduled for release in early 2018, which is, thankfully, just around the corner.

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