Kratos is back again and he brought an axe. A trailer was released at E3 2016 for the new God Of War PS4 video game.

It seems Kratos keeps finding his way back to Sony Playstation consoles, regardless of his many deaths and endings. Now he has returned to face off against giants and dragons in an all-new game set for release on the PS4. Of course, with every release, the game becomes more violent, more epic and bigger. Now sporting a full-on beard, the new game will be based on Norse mythology.

The trailer of the game opens with a long-bearded Kratos and his son, Charlie, hunting through a snow-laden forest. It moves on to depict a dramatic battle against a titan, in which Charlie misses his target and accidentally fires an arrow into Kratos’s shoulder.

“Now you are ready,” Kratos says. “For what?” asks his son. “A new beginning.” It pans out, and a dragon flies by them.

Long a staple of Sony’s PlayStation family of consoles, the God of War series made its PlayStation 4 debut in 2015 with the launch of God of War III Remastered. The upcoming God of War will follow up on Sony’s last published entry in the series, 2013’s God of War: Ascension.

Unfortunately, no release date was given.

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god of war ps4 game

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