God Of War 4 Might Be Based In Norse Mythology

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It seems that if the leaks are to be believed, we can expect a change in the setting of God of War 4 as the game might be abandoning its Greek roots.


After a tease from industry insider shinobi602 on Twitter and concept images from a Sony Santa Monica artist’s website, it would seem that God of War 4 might be based on Norse mythology. The images also suggest that a Norse version of everybody’s favourite angry anti-hero Kratos could be the protagonist.

The images are still available to view on NeoGAF, although they have been removed from NerdLeaks and Imgur.

Sony has not yet officially announced a new God of War, although it has been rumoured that the game might receive a series reboot.


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Please Baby Jesus


I feel that the story of Kratos was best ended after gow1, and hoped that gow2 would focus on different mythology. A decade later I might get my wish.


Love all G.O.W’s and I really hope a 4 is on the way!!!


Waaaay better


Sharal Nayager


The spirit of Kratos could pop up in Norse and Egyptian mythology… that would be cool