God Of War Will Have Four Difficulty Options

It’s almost here! One of the most anticipated games of 2018, God of War, is releasing next week. As can be expected, more and more details for the game has been released by the Sony.

God Of War Will Have Four Difficulty Options

For those looking for more (or less) of a challenge, God of War will feature four different difficulty options to choose from. These options include the, “Give Me A Story” (please don’t hurt me) easy option, the “Give Me A Balanced Experience” more balanced option, the “Give Me A Challange” more challenging option and, lastly, the most difficult of all of these, the “Give Me God of War” option.

While most of the easier options have become standard in most recent games, especially the option that focuses more on narrative, it’s the “Give Me God of War” difficulty that has been attracting most of the attention. As Sony states, this mode is for “those who wrestle polar bears in their undies”. Now I’ve never had the privilege to do this, as polar bears are quite difficult to come by where I live, but it sounds like something that could be very difficult to do. In this difficulty mode, Kratos is much (much) weaker, enemies are stronger (and meaner), with their behaviour being a lot more aggressive. Also, if you find yourself having a hard time with this difficulty, you will not be able to change to an easier difficulty unless you start all over again.

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Sony also revealed that the game will feature what they call an “Immersion mode” that removes most of the unnecessary information from the HUD. While this is more focused towards those who want to capture or stream the game online, it’s completely up to the player how they want to experience the game.

God of War is set for release next week exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Do you prefer games with various difficulty modes and which mode will you be playing on?

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