Gigabyte Launches the Sabre 15 and Aero 15 in South Africa

Gigabyte Launches The Sabre 15 And Aero 15 In South Africa

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The world of mobile gaming is hotting up as the competition for the ultimate gaming laptop intensifies and more manufacturers release new models to the market with great new advancements. Today, 24th June 2017, at an event at the Nexus by AWX in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gigabyte released their two new gaming units to the market, which includes the Sabre 15 and Aero 15 laptops.

Gigabyte Launches the Sabre 15 and Aero 15 in South Africa

The event included persons from the media, Facebook fan winners, guests, as well as a few members of the Energy eSports teams and competitors. Given that the launch was for gaming devices, there were numerous games to play on the day as part of the hands-on the experience with the laptops, as well as units from the team’s sponsors, which including Gigabyte, LG, SteelSeries, Mweb, A-Labs, Aorus, and the Nexus venue itself.

The event started off quite slow, taking over an hour to officially kick-off. I killed the time with a number of gaming sessions with units setup across the venue. Games you could play on the day included Tekken 7, FIFA 17 (which also had a mini competition running on the day), Call of Duty and Injustice 2 to name a few. There was also virtual reality present with the HTC Vive, which provided a bit of a different experience over the button mashing over the other games. While I attempted most of the games available on the day, I wasn’t up for the FIFA tournament, given how out of my depth I was competing with the challenges before the official games kicked off.

Gigabyte Launches the Sabre 15 and Aero 15 in South Africa

In addition to all the games on hand, there were also a number of prizes to hand out. These prizes were handed out every 45 minutes, which included Arctis 3 Headsets from SteelSeries, and the main prize at the end of the day, the LG Gaming Monitor.

Gigabyte Launches the Sabre 15 and Aero 15 in South Africa

What’s great about the experience rooms is that most of it will be on display over the next six months leading up to the festive season. So if you want to experience the new Gigabyte units launched on the day, along with a few of their other devices, be sure to swing by the Nexus any day of the week. There’s also a few other stores available to explore at the Nexus, along with a few other experience rooms from other brands.

To have a more detailed view of the two launched units, follow the links for the Sabre 15 and Aero 15, respectively.

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