Ghost Rider

It was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con that Ghost Rider would be coming to Agents of Shield in season 4.

Ghost Rider
Along with the reveal, it was also announced that Gabriel Luna (True Detective) would be portraying Robbie Reyes, who is the latest incarnation of Ghost Rider, in the Agents of Shield TV series. This will be the first time that Ghost Rider will be appearing in a live-action TV series, although there have been two Ghost Rider films starring Nicolas Cage.

Gabriel Luna

When a supernatural entity called the spirit of vengeance possesses a person they gain the ability to transform into the Ghost Rider, a being with a skull head that is enveloped in flames. These Ghost Riders seek out the guilty and using their penance stare makes them experience the pain that they had inflicted on their victims.

There have been many Ghost Riders, including motorcyclist Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch and a Nicaraguan woman named Alejandra.

What sets Robbie Reyes apart from his fellow Ghost Riders is that he does not drive a motorcycle, instead preferring a Doge Charger. The cast of Agents of Shield also revealed the car that Robbie Reyes will be driving in the series.

Who knows, if the appearance of Robbie Reyes on Agents of Shield is a success, we might even see a new Ghost Rider series being developed.

Below is a video of the cast revealing the Doge Charger, and the teaser trailer for season 4 of Agents of Shield.

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