Ghost of a Tale-Alpha Trailer and Image Stills

Ghost of a Tale: Alpha Trailer and Image Stills

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There are many big budget games out there that don’t always live up to the hype and expectation from the fans. An increasing number of lower budget, indie games have cropped up over the past few years, some of which are able to compete against those juggernaut franchises. One such indie game, currently in development, is Ghost of a Tale. The project was started by animator, Lionel Gallat, who has developed the game into its Alpha build all on his own. Gallat has previously worked on film animation, with notable credits for The Prince of Egypt, Road to Eldorado and Despicable Me.


The story revolves around a mouse who finds himself on the Island of Periclave, long disputed to be the outpost for the Army of the Rats. The island these days is said to be haunted, but also holds great treasures in the Tower of Periclave. The gameplay features a mix of third-person combat and open-world exploration. Although still in its Alpha stage, the graphics are impressive, despite missing quite a bit of detail and mechanics according to Gallat.


Gallat has taken to indiegogo in an effort to raise some funds for the game and possibly look at bringing in extra hands to the project. The game, thus far, has been created on a 4 year old PC (including graphics card), and with an upgrade to something more modern will definitely yield better results for the game. The aim is to have the game completed sometime in mid-2014, although end of 2014 seems more likely. If you’re interested in supported this game and the developers, pop over to the official campaign page, or vote via Steam’s Greenlight Projects.

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