How To Get A Superhero Body In Just 30 Days

Ever wanted to have a superhero body like Captain America or Black Widow? BuzzFeedBlue’s Evan Ghang and Kelsey Impicciche did. They went on a 30-day program with a personal trainer (Steve Zim) in an attempt to get those abs. The end results are fairly surprising.

It’s a new year and, like most people around the world, getting into shape is a top priority. But how much work actually goes into getting fit for these superhero films? Of course, it’s a lot, but what’s cool about this video is that it makes it all seem relatively achievable.

Trainer Steve Zim puts the two to work and within just a few days the two start noticing massive changes to their body and the things they eat.

Before this starts sounding like one of those awful health infomercials, watch the video (We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days) below…

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