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It’s plain-to-see, chocolate and data go together like a horse and carriage. How many times have you found yourself surfing the net munching on your favourite chocolate snack? It’s probably everyone’s favourite pass time. Now, Cadbury is making it easier for chocoholics to enjoy the wonders of the Internet while consuming a Lunchbar.

Between the 15th February to 30th April 2018, Cadbury will be running the #Bites4Bytes promotion where consumers are guaranteed instant data or airtime. “The #Bites4Bytes campaign offers consumers instant, guaranteed gratification with the chance to win something that you always run out of,” said Mondelez SA Category Director For Chocolate, Grant Van Niekerk.

Purchase any five large bars or mini-bars of the participating Cadbury chocolates including:

Lunch Bar (48g)
Lunch Bar Dream (48g)
P.S. Milk Chocolate (48g)
P.S. Caramilk (48g)
5Star (48.5g)
Lunch Bar mini (23g)
P.S. Caramilk mini (24g)

Submit all five unique barcodes on the wrappers by dialling the USSD code *120*101112# and following the prompts.

For every five large chocolate bars consumers are guaranteed 50MB of data and with five mini-bars consumers are guaranteed R5 in airtime!

Cadbury Bites4Bytes

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