Geekfest 2013

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The Dark Carnival hosted the first ever Geekfest this past Saturday. The fun-filled festival looked to unite fans of anime, sci-fi, gamers and comic books under the umbrella of one awesome event. With a huge turnout, it certainly showed that South Africans are proud supporters of everything geek. Fans from around the JHB area flocked to the Goldfields Kennel Club dressed in cosplay ready to express their geek culture and take part in a Robo War and an Injustice: Gods Among Use competition.

The cosplay competition was the stand out event during the day, with many fans showing up dressed up as there favorite character from such properties as Highschool of the Dead, Assassins Creed, Dame of Thrones, Fairy Tail, Deadpool, Modern Warfare, Naruto, Doctor Who and many more. Fans also got the chance to dress up there dogs and partake in a parade, showing off their own creative skills.

It was certainly a well-organized day by Dark Carnival, with many fun stalls and events during the day to keep the attendees entertained. However, it was the enthusiasm and energy from the public that made Geekfest a memorable event. It was cool way to spend a Saturday with friends, surrounded by fans who all love and share your enthusiasm for anime, sci-fi, fantasy, games and comic books.

After trolling the stalls, Geekfest ended on a high with a 6 hour Star Wars marathon of the original trilogy. As this was the first event, there were a few shortcomings, but I can’t help but be excited to see how this event will grow in future.

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