Duke Nukem Gearbox Software

It seems that Gearbox Software might be announcing something Duke Nukem related on the 1st of December 2016.

Duke Nukem Gearbox Software

Randy Pitchford the Chief Executive of Gearbox Software , the studio behind Duke Nukem Forever and Borderlands , have announced on Twitter that the team might be revealing something on the 1st of December 2016. This coincidently is the same day as The Game Awards.

The reveal was announced on Twitter by Pitchford when a fan made the suggestion of a Gears of War/ Duke Nukem crossover. Pitchford replied that they would be announcing something on the 1st that the fan “might really enjoy”.

Duke Nukem Gearbox Software

It was previously mentioned by the studio, who owns the rights to Duke Nukem, that they are working on a new entry in the series, but nothing has been revealed as yet.

The announcement could also be a new Borderlands game that has been rumored to currently be in development. Either way, I guess we just have to sit tight and wait until the 1st of December.


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