Gary Oldman Wants Joaquin Phoenix As Batman

Gary Oldman Wants Joaquin Phoenix As Batman

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When asked about Batman at the 7th Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts International Awards, actor Gary Oldman, who played Commissioner Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, told TooFab that he would like to see Joaquin Phoenix don the cape after Affleck steps down from the role.

“This is no disrespect to Ben Affleck. I think it really depends on who is at the wheel that lifts it. I would like to see someone like Joaquin Phoenix play it.”

The Batman director Matt Reeves was recently a guest on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith recently and gave a very brief update on the progress of the film:

“I am outlining. I have the story worked out and I’m outlining.”

Reports suggest that Reeves has been meeting with a few Hollywood actors, including Jake Gyllenhaal, with regards to taking over the role of Batman. Affleck has yet to confirm whether he is reprising the role.

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  1. Aubrey Fraetas

    He is always portrayed as some whiney douche. And in real life he is apparently difficult to work with. Terrible idea.

    • Steve Hoffman

      Do you even fucking read? The interview is available. How is this clickbait? Delete yourself from life because you’re a fucking idiot

    • Ben Caine

      I did read it, what where getting at mate is someones only got to give an opinion on who’s playing Batman ans suddlenly Aflack is not playing Batman anymore… so sir troll on elsewhere.

  2. Wade Hill

    Here’s the thing. He’s a great actor and I probably wouldn’t mind him as Batman, but they MUST cover up his hairlip.

    • Ben Sheppard

      Frank Lindner Not necessarily. If an actor does such a great job embodying a loathsome character, then we’re often no longer able to see past their one performance.

      I wouldn’t call his performance in Gladiator at that level, but I know for a fact that Lena Headey relishes the fact that fans despise her over her portrayal of Cersei for exactly that reason.

  3. Mandy Sheffey

    “He cant because of his hair lip”. Apparently Hollywood can’t Photoshop anything out just we can on our phone filters.

  4. Salvidon Blak

    I just want continuity…
    Whoever it is needs to sign an iron-clad contract that locks their ass in.
    This bullshit of, “Oh I love this part and I’m so glad I got it… I’M GONNA DO THIS FOR EVER!”.. and then they want out after 2 years, has got to fucking stop.

  5. John-lee Nicholson

    I see something about Jeffrey Dean Morgan (walking deads Negan) as the bat man in flash point … there’s much better choices of actors then this he’s too small too weird and terrible at action films

  6. Quentin Laguionie

    The batman from JL and BxS wasnt so bad, i dont understand why people doesnt like him and want to change. Someone can tell me why ?

  7. Nathan Wolfgang Shafer

    He would be a better Joker, or Riddler but sure. Honestly, I would love to see Micheal Keaton do one more Batman getting old movie before it’s too late.

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