It’s that time of the month again as Microsoft has revealed the Games with Gold free games for December 2015.


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Xbox One: Dec 1 – 31)
This game will be free throughout the month of December. In this RPG players take on the role of the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing, as he sets out to free the land of Borgovia from the evil scourge that has engulfed it.

Thief (Xbox One: Dec 16 – Jan 15)
This game will be available early in December as a free download. This reboot of the classic Thief series, once again follows Garrett as he steps out of the shadows in order to take on an oppressive Baron and discover the mysteries of the city.

CastleStorm (Xbox 360: Dec 1 – 15)
This game will be free for the first half of December. CastleStorm is a mash-up of 2D physics destruction, tower defence and a brawler. Players have to build and defend their castle from waves of enemies while also trying to destroy their opponents’ castle.

Sacred 3 (Xbox 360: Dec 16 – 31)
This game will replace CastleStorm in the second half of December. In this fantasy inspired Hack-and – Slash RPG, players will need to defeat the oppressive ruler of the Ashen Empire, Zane Ashen and keep him from obtaining a powerful artefact.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Xbox 360: Dec 16 – 31)

Later in the month of December Sacred 3 will be replaced by Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising as an extra gift for the holidays. This military simulation game takes place on the fictional island of Sikira. America is tasked with retaking the island from the Chinese while the Russians also want to lay claim to this valuable island.

Make sure to grab November 2015’s free games before they are vanish.

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