Games We are Excited (And Hoping) To See At E3 2018

It’s happening again. Gamers, fanboys and lovers of all things digital are going to be coming together once more at this year’s E3 event. What can we expect? What will be announced?

Well, after a load of leaks involving potential games and with only a few days until the floodgates open and we start drowning in new game announcements We decided to put together a list of games we are excited to see and ones we are hoping make an appearance at this year’s E3. So, in no particular order, here are a few games we are hoping to see at E3 2018.

Spider-Man. More, more, more Spider-Man

Developer Insomniac has been very liberal in the past few months when it came to revealing more details about their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game. However, there is so much more we would love to see. With Insomniac’s impressive track record and the fact that this game has been dubbed Marvel’s Arkham Batman, there’s a lot of hype to live up to.

So, what would we like to see? Hopefully, some more gameplay, including the game’s crafting and levelling up systems and, of course, more villains. Sure, we’ve already seen Wilson Fisk (The Kingpin) and Mr Negative, but there are so many more villains from Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery that we would like to be included in the game. Basically, we would love to see Insomniac revealing more of the games narrative scope (without spoiling anything) and showing off a bit more of New York and the missions Spider-Man will be partaking in.

Metroid Prime 4. Samus is coming to Nintendo’s Switch

Many Nintendo fans lost their minds when they were greeted by a Metroid Prime 4 logo during the Nintendo E3 2017 live stream. The excitement died down quickly when we all realised that Nintendo revealed nothing beyond this; not a date, developer or information. Just a logo. We are hoping that Nintendo will at least share a bit more information about the game. After all, anything, no matter how little, is better than nothing.

Rumours have indicated that the game could be releasing in 2019 at the earliest and that Bandai Namco will be developing the game instead of Retro Studios (who were behind the original trilogy). Whether these rumours prove true is yet to be seen. What we do know is that we would like to see a Metroid Prime with a more open world for us to explore, new weapons and abilities, and have the game take full advantage of all the Switch’s features and capabilities.

Here’s hoping that Nintendo shows us more than just a logo at E3 2018.

The Last of Us Part 2. Brutally beautiful

It’s no secret that we will be seeing more of The Last of Us Part 2 at E3 2018 as its appearance was practically confirmed by Neil Druckmann back at PSX 2017. After being treated to a surprisingly violent trailer, we were left with more questions than answers. There has been a myriad of fan theories about the game’s narrative such as Ellie being pregnant or experiencing visions of Joel.

With the game apparently 60 – 70% done, surely Naughty Dog will be showing off more of the game during the Sony press conference. Even if they just reveal a bit more of the narrative or a short section of gameplay, we’d be happy campers.

Wouldn’t it be great if Naughty Dog actually reveals the release date and it’s closer than we think? Surely that would make for one of the most memorable high points of E3 2018.

New Splinter Cell. The legend returns

Now, a new Splinter Cell game hasn’t been announced yet but, let’s be honest, if all the leaks and the recent appearance of Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon: Wildlands are to be believed then it’s only a matter of time before old Sam makes an appearance.

It’s about time for Sam to make a return as many have been patiently waiting for another Splinter Cell game ever since the release of Splinter Cell: Blacklist nearly 5 years ago. While we have been treated to quite a few stealth action games the past few years, such as the excellent Hitman, there are few games out there that so perfectly encompasses stealth and espionage like the Splinter Cell series has. Whether a much older and grizzled Sam Fisher will be returning as the protagonist or feature in a more mentorship role to a new protagonist we are not sure. After all, Sam has been at it for quite a few years and maybe it’s time for him to go on one last mission and pass on the torch to someone new.

We do know that Ubisoft has stated that they have not yet killed the franchise, so here’s hoping we see Sam make an appearance at this year’s E3.

Halo 6. It’s about time

Games We are Excited (And Hoping) To See At E3 2018

As with the new Splinter Cell game, this is purely speculation but, if recent rumours are to be believed, Microsoft could be announcing the next Halo game at E3 2018. With the Xbox One sorely lacking in the exclusives department, especially when considering that Sony just released the critically acclaimed God of War, it’s never been more important for Microsoft to hit back with a huge new exclusive and a new Halo game could just be the exclusive they need.

Some of the rumours have even hinted that the game could feature, what else, a Battle Royale mode. If a new Halo game is announced, Microsoft will need to do more than just show off a cinematic trailer. We need to see some good old gameplay to get us to care for a franchise that has been lacking in the past few years. We really hope that this rumour proves true.

Death Stranding. Please, can we see some gameplay?

As can be expected from Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding is a game that not only has many out there excited for its release but also has us confused as to what exactly it is about. So far, we’ve seen some really intriguing and at the same time perplexing cinematic trailers staring some familiar faces such as Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo del Toro. Beyond this, Kojima has only revealed a few tidbits about the game.

In true Kojima fashion, he has remained, for the most part, vague about the game’s narrative and structure. We do know that the game is about “connections” and will bring players “together”. There will also be some conflict involved as Kojima has mentioned that the game will also arm players. As mentioned, Kojima loves to remain as vague as possible and, to be honest, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

What we do want is for Sony to show off some gameplay even if it doesn’t reveal much beyond how the game will play. Death Stranding has to be one of the most mysterious games coming out. Let’s just hope it can live up to all the hype and mystery surrounding it when more is finally revealed.

Pokemon Switch. Gotta catch them all on my Switch

Games We are Excited (And Hoping) To See At E3 2018

Once again, this is a game that while we know it is coming has been shrouded in rumours and speculation. What we do know, thanks to Nintendo’s financial reports, is that the game is most probably releasing this year (hopefully). It has been widely reported that the Pokemon Switch game will actually be titled Pokemon Let’s Go! and would consist of two versions, a Pikachu and Eevee one.

The game is rumoured to focus more on RPG elements and will make use of the Switch’s motion controls when throwing a Pokeball (which has us excited). Supposedly the game will also be able to link up with your Pokemon Go account allowing you to use the Pokemon (Pokemans? Pokemons?) you captured in the Switch game.

Other than these few leaks and rumours, not much is known about the next Pokemon game, which would make E3 2018 the perfect event to reveal it. We are hoping that Nintendo not only announces the next Pokemon game but that they show off some gameplay and reveal a release date (is that too much to ask for?).

Ghost of Tsushima. Bring on the samurai!

We were all caught off guard when Sony announced developer Sucker Punch’s upcoming game, Ghosts of Tsushima. Best known for the Infamous series of games, their take on the superhero genre, Sucker Punch has jumped into the deeps side with their next project, a historical open-world game set in feudal Japan (did somebody say Samurai?)

As with most games on the list, not much is known about it except as with most games (and films) based in feudal Japan the story is one driven by revenge. The game’s protagonist seems to have been left for dead by a force which destroyed everyone and everything he loved. Many have speculated that this force is, in fact, the Mongolian Empire and that you play the role of one of the last Samurai willing to stand up against their invasion.

Judging from what has been shown, Sucker Punch has put a lot of effort into their environments and being historically accurate. If Sony shows off some gameplay we’d be happy, although we are not expecting a release date announcement yet, as the game still seems in early development.

Beyond Good and Evil 2. Bring on the space monkeys

One of the most anticipated games announced at E3 2017 is Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2. After waiting for what seems like years (so many years) and finding each rumour leading to nothing but disappointment, Ubisoft finally unveiled the follow up to the highly acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil game.

Michel Ancel and the team at Ubisoft have been doing a good job of keeping fans of the game up to date with regards to its development through its Space Monkey program. We’ve seen how traversal on the ground and through the air will work, we’ve seen some of the absolutely enormous spaceships players will get to pilot and we’ve even been shown some of the environments the team have been working on. With each reveal, we’ve become more and more invested in the game and its development. While the scope of the game is quite ambitious (some might say too ambitious), we are hoping that Ubisoft reveals some more substantial gameplay footage.

This is one game we hope (and believe) will turn out living up to all the hype that is surrounding it and, to be honest, we don’t mind waiting if it means we get the Beyond Good and Evil 2 game we are hoping for.

Anything Star Wars. Come on EA show us what you’ve been up too (and please no microtransactions)

Games We are Excited (And Hoping) To See At E3 2018

With EA dropping the ball with Battlefront 2’s microtransactions, even though the single-player campaign was truly great, there has been lots of speculation on whether EA has what it takes to develop games for one of the most beloved franchises of all time. It seems that EA hasn’t been listening to fans when it comes to all things Star Wars related and, with the rumoured Star Wars third person game on ice, we really hope that EA shows us something Star Wars related that can win back fans and prove to us that they can develop a Star Wars game worthy of the franchise.

Anthem. A BioWare revival

There are some out there who believe that BioWare has a lot to answer for after the lacklustre Mass Effect: Andromeda, which while not a bad game, didn’t live up to the hype of the previous games. With their upcoming sci-fi game Anthem, BioWare is hoping to redeem themselves and show fans that they are still the developer many of us love and respect.

BioWare’s Destiny-esque open world co-op shooter places players in a futuristic metal suit of armour called a Javelin. Players will need to work together in order to protect a walled city from the onslaught of monsters that roam outside. Not much more is known about the game beyond this.

We hope that BioWare shows us some gameplay as well as revealing more about this mysterious sci-fi universe. Could Anthem be the game to redeem BioWare?

With E3 2018 drawing ever closer, expect more leaks and reveals in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to hear more, see more and experience more of what awaits us in the near future.

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