Microsoft Has Revealed The Games With Gold Free Games For July 2017

It’s that time of the month again. Microsoft has revealed the four new Games with Gold free games for July 2017. This month’s titles are Grow Up, Runbow, Kane & Lynch 2, and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

Microsoft Has Revealed The Games With Gold Free Games For July 2017

Grow Up (Xbox One: July 1 – 31)

In Grow Up, you play as the little red robot BUD who’s parental spaceship MOM gets blown to pieces. It’s up to BUD to find all of MOM’s scattered pieces and put her back together. This will not be an easy task as BUD has to navigate the strange alien environment and it’s oversized flora. Will BUD be able to save MOM and get home safe?

Runbow (Xbox One: July 16 – Aug 15)

Originally developed for the Wii U and PC, Runbow is a competitive multiplayer-focused platformer. Up to nine players will be double-jumping and fighting their way to victory. There’s a catch though as each level’s background continually shifts between different colors. Each time this happens obstacles such as barriers and spikes with the same color scheme disappears into the background. This means that players are neve quite sure when these dangerous obstacles will appear. For those with an even more competitive side, the game also includes features such as achievements and time trails. Will you be victorious?

Kane & Lynch 2 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One: July 1 – 31)

Kane and Lynch are back and this time things are about to get serious. Kane & Lynch 2 follows the game’s two protagonists as they plan to help smuggle guns into Africa, but as expected this is not as easy as it seems at first. The game is a 3rd person shooter with players taking control of Lynch. The game also allows for online cooperative play with the second player taking control of the psychotic  Kane. Players have to shoot, duck and run their way through dangerous encounters as they try to survive.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (Xbox 360 & Xbox One: July 16 – 31)

Play as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow (in Lego form) as you explore the iconic locations from the films filled with colorful characters and many hidden dangers in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Look for treasure, plunder some towns, build a few things and take a swig of rum while facing off against some of the Caribbean’s most deadly foes. Will the name of Captain Jack Sparrow forever be remembered throughout history or will he meet his untimely demise?

Make sure to grab June 2017’s Games with Gold free games before they vanish.

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