Gameloft’s 2013 Roadmap Leaked

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Gameloft, a leader in mobile gaming, has been kept busy trying to clean up a leak that has been making the rounds of late. The leak includes a detailed list of games the company plans to release in 2013. The contains titles that already have a solid franchise, such as Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter, Brothers in Arms and, most significantly, Modern Combat. The list also highlights the sequel to the much anticipated GT Racing: Motor Academy, which was one of my favourite mobile racing titles that includes multiplayer capabilities.

Although there aren’t any specific dates included with the titles, we get a good idea what to expect in 2013 for Gameloft, which should add excitement for mobile gamers rather than panic at the company’s HQ. The list includes:

Edit: We’ve removed the list at the request of Gameloft.

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