J-Stars Victory VS Plus Review

The unwieldy name should be your first clue; this is indeed an anime game. And perhaps one of the most anime games that ever anime-d, a title that was designed
By Daniel Rom on 16 Jul 2015

Dark Souls II Review

The Souls franchise made by FromSoftware is one of the oddest creatures in gaming I have ever come across. I was generally one of those people who always chose “Easy”
By Daniel Rom on 26 Mar 2014

F1 2013: Review

Codemasters took over the reigns as the official developers for the F1 racing title in 2010 with its BAFTA Award–winning racing simulation, F1 2010. And ever since then, the company
By Evan Saunders on 01 Nov 2013

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni (translated as The Second World) is a game that comes along only very rarely. When its looked it first; it seems childish and cartoony; cute in its
By Daniel Rom on 23 Feb 2013

Sleeping Dogs

Not every game has a smooth and easy path from inception to completion and Sleeping Dogs is not an exception. However, its development cycle is a bit more complicated than
By Lyle Arends on 25 Aug 2012


Inversion comes from a land all too common to gamers today, a land where ruined cities produce rubble that is the perfect height for crouching behind; where buff, stereotypical examples
By Daniel Rom on 01 Aug 2012