Watch Dogs 2 – Game Review

We’ve all probably been gripped by the fear that somewhere, somehow, someone is monitoring or even watching us, using our own technology against us (they could be watching you right
By Deville Louw on 23 Nov 2016

Mafia III – Game Review

Gangsters, guns, girls, and gators are everything you need from a Mafia game. But is it enough? The first five hours of Mafia III are epic. Set in 1968, the
By Daniel Pontack on 18 Oct 2016

Gears Of War 4 – Game Review

I need to start this review with a disclaimer: I have never played Gears of War up till receiving Gears Of War 4. I have mentioned this in mixed company
By Donny Chang on 11 Oct 2016

The Division: Underground DLC – Game Review

The Division has always been about shooting and looting in interesting and strangely beautiful desolate environments. Luckily the game’s first expansion, called Underground, continues to follow and in many ways
By Deville Louw on 26 Jul 2016