The Twisted Metal series began all the way back in 1995 on the Playstation 1 platform and features a total of eight games [Twisted Metal (1995), Twisted Metal 2 (1996), Twisted Metal III (1998), Twisted Metal 4 (1999),Twisted Metal: Black (2001), Twisted Metal: Head-On (2005), Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition (2008) and now Twisted Metal (2012)]. It is the longest running Playstation exclusive franchise, now running for an impressive 17 years – the second longest is Gran Turismo, which has only been running for 14.

Twisted Metal is a demolition derby car combat game that features ballistic projectiles, mines, machine guns, and all sorts of “cool” weapons that cause serious damage. The latest installment is unique of its predecessors, and has a completely new universe. In fact, the only thing that this game has in common with its previous titles are the character names.

DEVELOPER: Eat Sleep Play
PUBLISHER: Sony Computer Entertainment
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 3
RELEASE DATE: March 16, 2012

[Guest Review By Kegan Van Der Berg]

Twisted Metal game

If you are a big fan of movies like SAW, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Cabin Fever, or Wrong Turn, this game might just have a storyline that would intrigue you and even possibly run a few chills down your spine. If horror is not your thing, then the first part of the games title is precisely what you would think of it – twisted.


Twisted Metal passes through three segments, focusing on three playable characters:

Sweet Tooth – a demented killer clown (Think the 80’s horror flick It), who worked as an ice cream man until he murdered his entire family. He joins the race in hopes of finding the only remaining family member, his daughter Sophie, who he also wishes to kill. (Yikes!)

Mr. Grimm – an enraged and depressed stuntman who lost his father, also a stuntman, at a young age. He hopes to win the competition and travel back in time in order to stop his father’s death, the main cause for his life of misery.

Krista Sparks AKA Dollface – a narcissistic, obsessive and violent model who does everything in her power to win modeling contests. After a car accident leaves her scarred, she visits a strange doctor who straps a doll mask to her face, promising her complete healing. She joins the race in hopes of removing the mask and to return to her life as the world’s most famous model.

The primary objective in Twisted Metal is to work your way to the top of a series of tournaments that take place at different locations in the world, in order to be granted one wish by the industry leader Calypso, a soul collector and host of the tournament. All three characters join in hopes of having their “twisted” wishes granted.

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Twisted Metal

The single player campaign is split up into three chapters, each filled with increased difficulty, and ending with its own boss encounter. Before you start each tournament you have the opportunity to select three vehicles, each with its own style and custom weapon modifications. These vehicles range from a motorbike that will give you a speed performance to an ice cream van or cop car that has heavier armor. You are able to interchange vehicles during a combat match by going to your service garage, which would also slowly restore your vehicles health. However, sometimes it can be quite difficult to make it to the service garage, so make sure your approach is not just all guns blazing, but rather let your strategy take all surrounding elements into account as well. Fortunately there are some cool special weapons and health packs lying around as you combat, as well as a medic truck that free roams the arena.

Twisted Metal

As you start to engage in battle you might find the control system a little tricky at first, yet with some patience you are bound to master it. There is a fair amount of weapon variations to choose from in Twisted Metal 2012, apart from the special weapons, the standard power ups carry a mean damage load, these varying from missiles to mines each carry some hard-core destruction, some of which require more attention than others – like the sniper rifle, which if correctly fired offers sweet rewards.

The single player campaign can be completed in a fairly short amount of time with regular play and mastered gamepad control, therefore the games main focus is for the multi player audience, which boasts both split screen and LAN in its online suite.

Twisted Metal Dollface

With a horror story line, a challenging control configuration at start, and an action packed demolition derby, this game seeks a specific audience – you’ll either love it or hate it. Without accessing the multiplayer or online features you could risk becoming bored fairly quick. We must warn you, however, that Twisted Metal 2012 is strictly for mature audiences – the game has already been banned in a few countries.

Twisted Metal 2012, unfortunately, does not feature in my top ten racing games.

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