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Director: Yoshinori Ono
Modes: Multiplayer

Storyline: 4

Gameplay: 10 / 10

Graphics: 10 / 10

Replay Value: 8 / 10

Sound and Music: 10 / 10

Crossover games are in many ways a dream come true for gamers, although for some reason the most common form of these crossovers is in fighting games. Perhaps it’s just the extreme enjoyment one can find from settling arguments about “which character could beat which” or alternatively, it’s a chance to hit hated characters very hard in the face with loved characters. Regardless, the company leading the pack on this front is definitely Capcom, who famous for their Marvel vs Capcom series, have now expanded that idea to include a fighting game between two popular franchises, Tekken and Street Fighter.

Street Fighter x Tekken

The difficulty when this concept first gets put down on paper is that Tekken and Street Fighter, despite both being fighters, play very differently. Tekken is a 3D Fighter, and Street Fighter is a 2D series. The companies that produce these have come to an ingenious solution however, sure to please all fans. This game being reviewed here is developed by Capcom, and plays using the style and design of the Street Fighter series. Another game, still in development, is being made by Namco, title Tekken x Street Fighter, and will play using Tekken’s design and play-style.

SxT offers 38 characters at launch, 19 from each franchise. 12 further characters are available as DLC, 5 characters are only available on PS3 and Vita, and all DLC characters come as standard on the PS Vita version, which is still to be released soon. This should factor into your decision if you are a multi-platform owner, but even if you own an Xbox and have no chance at getting DLC, you will hardly miss out, as all the series heavyweights appear, providing a varied and mixed line-up of all your favourite characters.

Street Fighter x Tekken review

As mentioned, the game uses a similar set up to the tried and tested method of Street Fighter. The player has 6 attack buttons, representing low, medium and heavy punches and kicks. As well as this, certain button manoeuvres allow for special moves to be launched, and a bar that fills up at the bottom is used for powerful, EX-moves. An emphasis in this game is made on the tag team features; as each fight contains two fighters per team. These may be switched back and forth at any time, and certain moves allow both to attack in certain ways briefly. A loss occurs if one character dies however, meaning that switching out is very essential. New aspects of the game include gem equipping, which allows for certain effects to occur when certain situations are met. The other is Pandora mode, which allows for a brief surge of strength when almost dead, but if you fail to defeat your opponent quickly once activating, you will lose automatically.

Street Fighter x Tekken game

It’s certainly possible to play SxT offline, and there is a story mode, albeit basically just an opening and closing cinematic. Alternatively, a second player can either fight you or control your second character against the computer. Where SxT is really designed to be played though is online, competitively, and all features seem designed to focus on this. It’s a sad fact however then that the online connectivity can sometimes be a bit sluggish, but mostly doesn’t give any problems.

Street Fighter x Tekken is a beautifully animated game, with vibrant settings, characters and jazzy music to entertain throughout. The fighting is well designed, although players with professional fighting sticks may benefit over those without. There’s enough fun here to keep fight-fans entertained, as well as fans of both franchises. The only question left, is which platform to get it on, for the differences noted above.

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