Saints Row the Third is a game with no moral compass. Those who have played through the previous titles are probably already aware of that. It’s a game that allows gamers the free will to act as completely wreck less or cruel as they like in a storyline that involves some of the most notorious characters you’ll ever find in the gaming universe.

[Guest Review By Kegan Van Der Berg]

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PLATFORM: PS3/Xbox 360/PC (Game reviewed on PS3)

In the latest edition of the Saints row series, The Saints have grown from a local gang to a household brand name, with their very own merchandise to boot.

The very first mission starts with a bank robbery, which sees The Saints dressed in Johnny Gat bobble head costumes (one of their many merchandise products). Right from the get-go the game is full of over the top action, with a fair selection of weaponry choices.

After completing the mission you are taken into a cut scene that introduces you to The Syndicate, a gang The Saints are at war with. They give you a bitter beating, deplete most of your funds, and finish off one of your gang members. And this is where the gamer’s involvement comes in – it’s your job to get everything back and return The Saints street cred.

Saints Row the Third game

Like previous titles, Saints Row The Third probably has the most customization options of any game out there. It all starts right after the first mission – players are allowed to choose the style and look of the character. The only limitation here is your imagination, with a trunk load of options available, including facial hair, height, clothing style and more.

The character customization flows right throughout the game as there are various plastic surgeons throughout the city of Steel Port. You can then recreate your character’s appearance at any one of these surgeons at any point in the game. Pretty neat, huh? Not forgetting to mention the endless amount of vehicle, gang and weapon customization.

As you progress in the game you earn respect, and by earning respect you access the ability to purchase normal and unique upgrades that can be accessed through your cell phone. Upgrades range from health to strength to weapon capability. There are also upgrades to generate income at a higher percentage, and the ability to call off police and gang notoriety as a favor. As you go about taking the city back you are able to purchase various properties and shops, which either generate income, at an hourly rate, or allow you to purchase more items.

Saints Row the Third

One thing I enjoyed in SR 3rd was that the Cops and The Syndicate had separate notoriety levels, meaning you have the option of only being at war with one of the groups or, if you like, cause mayhem to both.

This game has heaps of different types of activities to participate in, ranging from following the main mission in the story line, to sideline activities found in your phone or the free roaming world.

The game’s engine itself runs smooth, with not many glitches found. The good graphics support the large free roaming world you are playing in.

As much fun as all this may sound it is important to remember that Saints Row The Third is a game for mature audiences only. It has gained its 18 rating due to strong scenes of obscurity, violence and sexual references.

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