Age Restriction:
Platform: ,
Director: Sam Lake, Mikael Kasurinen
Modes: Single Player

Storyline: 10

Gameplay: 9.5 / 10

Graphics: 10 / 10

Replay Value: 9 / 10

Sound and Music: 9 / 10

If I could turn back time, if I could find a way…

What is time? How do you measure time? What would you do if you could control time? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when playing Quantum break. We have all had the fantasy of having the power to control time. All you need to know is that Time is Power.

Quantum Break Cemetery Trailer Jack Joyce Words

Quantum Break Cemetery Trailer Jack Joyce Words

What it is all about?

Quantum Break is a game made by the masters that gave us Max Payne and Alan Wake. I call them masters because they just have a way of creating amazing stories and add some great mechanics to the games they make. Quantum break is no different.

This is not your average game, no. This is a 2 in 1 combo of entertainment. It is part game and part TV series. This gives you a whole new dimension of entertainment. As you are playing Quantum break, you start collecting narrative items that add more detail to the timeline and add details in the TV Show. You play as Jack Joyce and you are invited by a friend to visit him at a University. He shows you the first “time machine” and shows that it really works. Sadly (well there wouldn’t be a game if it didn’t happen) things go wrong and you create a Time Fracture.

Quantum Break_REVIEWS_Screenshot 5


The gameplay is what makes a game stand out from the rest. You would think that this is just another third person shooter with some bullet time, but Remedy took the action to a whole new level. The game features some cover base shooting, some platform action and then throw in some time altering super powers. It keeps the action fresh as there are multiple ways you can defeat the enemy, solve puzzles, etc.

As you progress in the story, you start learning more ways to use your time altering super powers. My favourite powers in the game were Time Blast, Time Dodge, and Time shield saved my life so many times.

The only issue I have with the game is that the TV show episodes you get in the game are streamed like a YouTube video. They aren’t really “included” in the game download. But then again, if they were added the game would be around 200GB in size. You don’t have to worry if you have a too slow connection to stream, the game gives you the option to download the episodes to view at a later stage.

Quantum Break_REVIEWS_Screenshot 10


I won’t lie to you, this is one gorgeous looking game. The level of detail in this game is mind-blowing and the fact that the game never suffers from pop-in graphics, frame drops or any glitching issues. At one stage I was playing the game for so long, I couldn’t see the difference between the live action and the game visuals. They even got the details of the actors teeth correct. It is the small things that make a game special to me.

Quantum Break_REVIEWS_Screenshot 11


This game is one of my top games of 2016 and I highly recommend you play Quantum Break. Why wouldn’t you want to play a game with the amazing line up of actors, the level of detail, fun gameplay and great storytelling? I can’t tell you in words how much I really love this game. There I said it. Plus as an added bonus, you get the Alan Wake games as part of the deal.

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