Way before the arguably poorer episodes 1, 2 and 3 were released, featuring the musings of an amphibious character who keeps using ‘misa’ instead of ‘I’ without anyone correcting his childlike lingo… but I digress… my older brother took me under his wing as a his apprentice and shared with me the secrets of The Force through Star Wars: A New Hope. It wasn’t long after reading the opening scroll of text floating into the infinite realm of space that I like millions of others was hooked.

Developer: Terminal Reality
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: Xbox 360
Release date: April 3, 2012
Genre: Action
Age Restriction: PEGI: 12

kinect star wars

The franchise has been around for decades and has inspired fanboy debates for almost as long. Its culturally significant to society as The Beatles… maybe even more. It has also been successful across many mediums albeit, novelty collectibles, books, comics, games, art, etc. etc. etc. The list seriously goes on forever.

Many cosplayers still choose to dress up as characters from the saga or even as generic Jedi and or Sith. Star Wars has truly inspired many viewers (this fan included) to want to be a Jedi, and you can be damn sure that I haven’t grown out of that dream. Hence when I first heard of Star Wars coming to Microsoft’s Xbox360 motion controller, Kinect, I was cautiously overwhelmed with excitement.

The Game Modes and their Epic or Fail moments

Star Wars Kinect is not one game, its several games in one. There are a number of game modes, each rich with content.

star wars kinect game review


Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising – 3rd Person adventure campaign

In this campaign you follow a unique storyline occurring somewhere before the original film. You are an apprentice to a legendary Jedi master and are sent off on a number of missions that will put your skills and use of the force to the test. You’ll be swinging your sabre, riding speeders and firing giant lazer canons among a number of other awesomeness in no time.

The gameplay here keeps changing and keeps the experience as fresh as possible as it switches between various staples such as on-the-rails shooter, 3rd person platformer and a few other interesting bits. You can also play co-op but that depends on the size of your living room. I did noticed that the game seemed to switch characters for us every now and again but the fact that a new play could join and leave at anytime without pausing the game is definitely a great feature.

As for the motion capture, at first I thought it a bit clunky but as I progressed and learnt new things I became aware of the fact that most of the faults were actually my own. I guess a motion capture system should sometimes not pay for human shortcomings. I admit even once I realized my own mistakes, it was fairly difficult to just adjust what had already become my instinctual lack of co√∂rdination. There were a few epic moments, however, that I’m ashamed to admit, but I was glad to be playing the game without spectators as they would have cast damning judgement whilst I

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Rancor Rampage – 3rd person DESTRUCTION

Rancor Rampage is by far my favourite section of the game. Come on, who doesn’t want to play as a giant monster and demolish an entire city? It is much like its name sake and classic arcade title, Rampage! Essentially you’re a Rancor, you smash your way through a city and unlock new areas and different Rancorrrrrrrs! Uhm excuse me.

The control system here is way better and extremely intuitive but the gameplay, much like the original Rampage, does get a bit repetitive.

gaming_kinect_star_wars_pod racing


Pod Racing

This section reminds me of Wipeout. I loved it although some of my co-op partners seemed to be less enthusiastic. Still in my view, its one of the must fun aspects of the game, the controls (once you’re used to them) are extremely responsive although be prepared for some insanely sore muscles if you don’t already feel like you’ve spent a month training in a hyperbolic time chamber (DBZ reference anyone?).

Again, this mode allows you to unlock new worlds, drivers and cool pods.


Galactic Dance Off

Oh man, Princess Leiah looks so hot… 13-year-old me was so excited but masculine 26-year-old me was all like ‘dude… i can’t dance’. Although my lady friends love it, as the controls are insanely intuitive and it seems like it was built on the very successful Dance Central 2 control system.

What I really loved about this section was the way they had changed the lyrics to popular contemporary songs to suit the Star Wars universe – much laughs and wookie ‘rrrrr’s!

The Graphics

Sjoe… is nice neh! But seriously the visuals are impressive and the character design is everything you could expect from the popular saga as its very similar to the CGI series.

In conclusion

Star Wars Kinect (incase you forgot what this article was about thanks to my ramblings) is not the core gamer’s Kinect experience we’ve been waiting for but it’s still a worthwhile experience. It’s the kind of game you could play with your kids to educate them on the awesomeness of the Force and your girlfriend won’t hate you for spending money on, because she could dance to it. Your family will hate you though for waking them up at night every time you scream from pure joy and Force empowerment!

Anyway I’m off to get another intense workout whilst pretending to be a Jedi. The Force is strong with me (had to).

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