Game of the Week-Man of Steel
Age Restriction:
Modes: Single player
Price: Free

Storyline: 5

Gameplay: 4 / 10

Graphics: 3 / 10

Replay Value: 10 / 10

Sound and Music: 6 / 10

With the release of Man of Steel only a few short weeks away, it seems appropriate that at some point we would come across some form of mobile game for the film. Nokia has teamed up with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to bring the Man of Steel App to life, exclusively to the Windows Phone Lumia smartphones.

Game of the Week-Man of Steel - Gameplay-01 Game of the Week-Man of Steel - Gameplay-02

Although, to start, one cannot classify this as an out and out game, it does provide some elements of being one. The app was intended to be used as a campaign for the film, as well as to promote the recent launch of the Nokia Lumia 925. The app provides quite a lot of content to Lumia users, and by completing the 4 chapters, made up of a total of 40 game challenges, users can “unlock wallpapers, ringtones and DC Comics digital comic books; watch the movie trailers and follow the latest buzz about the Man of Steel.” Interestingly, locating the challenges requires navigation by means of Nokia’s HERE Maps (formerly Nokia Maps, rebranded in November 2012), which double up as POIs for actual theatres where the film will be screened.

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Although the challenges become more difficult as you progress, and content rewards are much greater, the actual game lacks any quality. The graphics are something found on mobile devices around 5 years ago, while the gameplay mimics something only a toddler would find interesting. Be that as it may, the app itself is quite useful. The only reason to keep coming back for more is the hope of releasing something you may not have seen before, as it provides a quick view of trailers, cast biographies and a host of other content.

You can download the app from the Store via your Lumia smartphone (or a manual install here). Visit the Nokia Man of Steel mini-site for more details. Nokia has also released a few YouTube clips for your viewing.

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