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Age Restriction:
Platform: ,
Modes: Single player
Price: Free

Storyline: 8

Gameplay: 10 / 10

Graphics: 8 / 10

Replay Value: 10 / 10

Sound and Music: 5 / 10

If ever you find yourself needing to kill 5 minutes between meetings with a game that even less time to learn, then 7×7 is the perfect fit. Many people would argue that Angry Birds, and all its variants, already fill this space, but there are those that find it either too challenging, or simply annoying. 7×7 is a puzzle game based on the classic 5 in a row game.

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To play 7×7, there are only three concepts to understand: 1. Match four coloured blocks in a row (diagonal, vertical and horizontal) to score points (combos increase multiplier). 2. After a specific number of matches, you earn “Undos”, which undo previous moves. 3. “Move Anywhere” allows you to select a block and move it anywhere on the board. Earn more “Move Anywheres” by completing two sets of rows in one move.

The only gripe with the game may be that it doesn’t include any sound or music, but the more time spent playing, the less you feel that it’s even necessary. Despite it minimalistic feel, the game is very addictive, even more so when competing amongst friends and family to achieve the highest daily scores. And it’s free.

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Note: Sound and Music rated 5 on account that there isn’t any, and the game doesn’t require it. The iOS variant has (notably) different graphics.

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