For all those Angry Birds fanatics out there, the wait is finally over. Rovio released the much-anticipated addition to the Angry Birds line-up on the 22nd March 2012, Angry Birds Space. If you missed all the news and hype about your favourite birds flying off into space, you needn’t worry, being surprised is sometimes not a bad thing.

Angry Birds Space - Gravity Fields

The concept of Angry Birds Space remains relatively similar to previous instalments, as you are still required to fire off the different coloured birds from a slingshot. The biggest change comes in the form of the gravity fields. The additions of planets and moons upon which the pigs reside all have gravity fields associated to them. The bigger the planet/moon, the greater the gravitational pull. The trick now lies in trying to project the curved path of your flying friend as it’s influenced by gravity. This is made even trickier when having to cross two or more gravity fields, as seen in the image above.

Angry Birds Space - Shot

There are also a few additions to the bird-squad, although most of them are just reworked from the original. The full list of birds within Angry Birds Space includes Red Bird, Blur Birds, Bomb, Terence, Lazer Bird, Ice Bird and Egg. You can also use the eye button on the top left of your screen to call upon Space Eagle. Even the pigs have changed somewhat, and now include Small and Medium Pigs, Helmet Pig (aka Major Pig), Mustache Pig, Space King and Fat Pig (aka Mega Pork).

Currently, there are three different planets, which have 30 levels each. That means there are 90 different levels to choose from for this first edition of Angry Birds Space, with a lot more over the horizon. The planets include Pig Bang, Cold Cuts and Danger Zone. In addition, the bonus stage still remains, this time with a little surprise. The bonus stages all include an homage (known as Eggsteroids) Space Invaders, Super Maria Bros., Breakout, Bubble Bobble and Star Castle. To unlock these homages, you have to once again collect golden eggs you find throughout the levels.

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Angry Birds Space - World

The biggest drawback with the first few stages of the game is that you’re more likely to hit the pigs off their perch without too much effort, often resulting in a 3-star completion. The original Angry Birds, although it too started off with ease, required a bit more effort and thought into making those 3-star level completions. The good news, however, is that the pace eventually picks up, making each level much more of an accomplishment to get through. This is a very good thing for the hardcore fans out there, who don’t want the game to be over within just a few minutes. As with the previous versions, there will be a number of players out there that quickly abandon their games, as the challenge of completing a stage becomes too much to bare.

There were many of us out there who thought the Angry Birds venture could only be pushed so far before fading into the background. I am glad to say that this addition to the franchise has not let me down. Although I’m not a die-hard fan, I did complete the original game along with all its star rewards and golden egg collections. I didn’t find much favour in the latter releases, but I’m sure to spend more time in space with the birds this time around.

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