Have you ever looked at your Xbox One and wondered what it would look like if it was inspired by Game of Thrones and made from Valyrian steel by a medieval craftsman?

Microsoft has decided to answer that question for us by creating a Special Edition Game of Thrones Xbox One, complete with a burnished copper colored finish and metallic scroll details on both the console and controller. This might not be the best looking (the two metal rings protruding from the console seems a bit much for my taste) and most practical Special Edition Xbox One, but Microsoft needs to be commended for the amount of detail featured on this Special Edition console.

Sadly you’ll probably won’t be able to get your hands on one of these unique consoles as they are only available through Xbox’s French social media channels as a prize in a contest. Microsoft only made six of these consoles which means that Game of Throne fans will, unfortunately, have to continue dreaming about owning one.

Microsoft did the same with a Special Edition Iron Man Xbox One which was also only available as a prize in a French contest.

It seems that moving to France might have some benefits that we never thought of before. Now if they would only create a Special Edition Justice League Xbox One I would be on the first available flight to France.

Below is a video showcasing the Special Edition Game of Thrones Xbox One.

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