Game Master: R-TYPE

Game Master: R-Type is an amazing animated short film, written and animated by Paul Johnson (a.k.a. “Otaking77077“), that follows a gamer who is sucked into the classic shoot-em-up arcade game R-Type. It’s a brilliant mix of the old school game from 1987 and 1990s anime.

Animated and written by Otaking77077 (Paul Johnson)
Additional Material and Produced by Tom Jenkins for Mashed
Inbetween Assistance by Claudia Montealegre
Music by Zakir Rahman:
Sound design by Joseph Leyva
Sound mix by Laura Rankin
Voice of Player One by Rice Pirate (Mick Lauer)
Voice of Player Two who is mysterious and doesn’t have a name because we haven’t thought of one by Hayley Nelson
English to Japanese translation by Zakir Rahman

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