Fusion Art-Superheroes and Villains

Fusion Art: Superheroes and Villains

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There’s quite a lot of fan art on the Web…a lot! Often there are a few series of fan art that capture the imagination and executed quite brilliantly. Frankie Perez has created a set of mashups, which matches a superhero and villain. The result is what we find below:

Super Assassin:


A blend of anti-hero from Assassin’s Creed, inspired by the novel Alamut by the Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol, and Superman (no description required).



A genetically enhanced human from BioShock, Big Daddy, and Iron Man, billionaire superhero.



The verminator…no guesses as to which two characters make up this mashup. Venom, an alien symbiote, and (the “good” version) Terminator.

Captain Joker:


A combination of The Joker, Batman’s worst enemy, and Captain America, a hero frozen after the events of World War II.

Loki – Hellboy:


Another anti-hero, Hellboy, a demon summoned by Nazi occultists, captured and raised by US allied forces, and Loki, voted one of the all-time greatest villains. Both from Marvel.

Majin Buu – Green Lantern:


Majin Buu, a villain from animated series, Dragon Ball Z, and Green Lantern, from the Justice League.

For more of Perez’ work, check out his gallery on Deviantart or Tumblr.

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