Fruit Ninja in Real Life Part II

Fruit Ninja in Real Life: Part II is exactly what the title implies; two ninjas cutting fruit in slow-motion like the mobile game.

video Fruit Ninja in Real Life: Part II

Youtuber ScottDW has released a sequel to his 2012 video about the greatest fruit-slicing game in the world, Fruit Ninja. But does anyone really still play the game anymore? The game was all the rage back in 2010, but I highly doubt many people are still playing it today. Either way, it’s still a humorous video that deserves a watch.

Fruit Ninja is a video game developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane, Australia. It was released April 21, 2010 for iPod Touch and iPhone devices, July 12, 2010 for the iPad, September 17, 2010 for Android OS devices.

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