Free Comic Book Day Avengers Heroclix Quick-Start Kit

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The Avengers Quick-Start Kit is a really great item that will be given away at Readers Den Free Comic Book Day 2015 this year.

The kit will be handed out for free to the first 50 customers to complete purchases over R500 in the Readers Den Main Shop (as part of the special gift bag).

The pieces look great! They are sculpted from the Chaos War Series, which we never got in South Africa (stock was extremely limited). This is your chance to get a classic looking Iron Man with improved painted applications. The same goes for Captain America, who looks great. They have even managed to do a good job on the pupils within his eyes.

29567Marvel HeroClix Quick Start_LG

Unlike previous years, these FCBD special pieces have become tournament legal, as the purple rings have been removed from the dial. We are free to use these pieces in any game, they are not limited to the mini-starter game and map.

Yes, you get a mini-map. This is really great for new players to Heroclix. The rules are available for download on both Apple and Android systems.

Each sculpt has a unique dial which displays which powers the character can use. Each piece also has its very own character card, which explains the powers that can be used once they are displayed on the Heroclix dial. This is a great kit which ties into Marvel’s latest cinematic offering. Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity, as these mini-figures make great display pieces as well. Whether you want to get into the game or you are looking for figures to display, you will always win with Heroclix.

A big thanks goes out to Readers Den for sponsoring this awesome kit. Be sure to get yours on Free Comic Book Day. Purchases over R500 qualify for a goody bag and stocks are limited to the first 50 customers. See you there!

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